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Welcome to Wessex Water have your say. We just need to ask some very basic information about you to join our panel. This will take no more than a few minutes.

As a member of our panel we will send you an online survey at least 4 times every year and a following email with the results.  We will not use your information other than for the surveys that we conduct with you or to send you the results and all your individual response are confidential and all data will be collated together.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

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* Question 1.  Do you have a water meter?
Don't know
* Question 2. Can you tell me the name of the water company that provides you with your drinking water supplies?
Wessex Water
Bristol Water
Bournemouth Water
Thames Water
Southern Water
Severn Trent
South West Water
Private water supply
Don’t Know
* Question 3.  Please indicate your gender by selecting the correct option below
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* Question 4.  What is your post code?
* Question 5.  What is your year of birth?
* Question 6.  What is your employment status?
1 Student
2 In full-time employment
3 In part-time employment
4 Business owner
5 In the military service
6 On paternal leave
7 Retired
8 Unemployed
9 Housewife/ Househusband
10 Taking a leave of absence
11 Full time carer
* Question 7.   Which of the following best describes the occupation of the Chief income earner in your household?

Instruction: If the Chief income earner is now retired, please select the answer based on their occupation prior to retirement.
Senior manager/professional in larger organisation
Senior manager/professional – small medium size company
Admin, junior manager, graduate professional
Skilled or Semi-skilled manual work
Shop work or unskilled manual work
Not working/work occasionally (including students)
Prefer not to say
* Question 8.  What Council area do you live in?
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